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The TOURISM 1 system, integrated with a range of independent resources such as TOURISM NORTH AMERICA and our TRANSCANADA TOURISM network, is the realization of a decades-old vision. The designs reflect how I prefer to experience local content when making short-list selections: Direct, relevant, comprehensive and reliable, with a dynamic, mobile-responsive user interface.

National launch of our network is planned for mid-2019 (this is a spare time project on a small budget) ... See below for key elements in that roll-out.

BC organizations should check out our advance participation options - it's just pennies a day to enjoy an enhanced role in this adventure!

EXPLORE SOOKE itself is about convenience and clarity.  Compared to its comprehensive directory-based cousin SERVING SOOKE, this site is purely experiential...sit back and enjoy the view!  

Our initial version is primarily composed of "Connections" - that is, filtered external search results.  Our eventual goal is to add more in the way of "Collections" - curated digital assets that are exlusively relevant, current and high-quality.

Here's to inspiration…enjoy EXPLORE SOOKE!                                Keith Baldwin

Our Canadian network is coming...


Our American network is coming...

USA: 2019

Our North American network is coming...


Our GLOBAL network is coming...

TOURISM 1: 2019


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